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You Big Fat Dummy.

Well I was on eBay and found a guy selling Giant Size X-Men #1 (first appearance of the new team, Storm, Colossus, etc and Wolverine joins) as well as X-Men 94 & 95. These are huge key issues, worth a nice chunk. Well he was doing an auction lot with a Buy It Now option, as well as Make an Offer. So I did. And it was accepted. Ooops. Time to hit the bank. Good news is I’m upgrading my current copy of Giant Size X-Men #1, so I can flip my worse condition copy back on eBay. Other good news is that I need X-Men 94 & 95. But this was not a smart decision given that I just had to shell out $400 for a new rim for my car (I busted one; this is not “pimping my ride”.

I’m a big fat dummy.

We all make mistakes.


I’m actually closing in on my goal of collecting X-Men #1-200. I’ve got about 130 issues covered so far. Still need #1-9, but part of the plan is as I accumulate lots as well as upgraded copies, I’ll be able to sell off the lesser condition ones and buy more expensive versions or those other elusive ones. X-Men #1 in “Garbage” condition is actually pretty affordable. Because God knows I’ll never own that one in anything better than a Fine/Very Fine by the time I die.


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Ah, there’s nothing like a headline that has NOTHING to do with a post to gain attention.

I’m trying to register for spring classes at the present time, an adventure I started on Monday when the online floodgates opened.  Sadly, I’m still a handful of credits short of the Associates in Fine Arts: Art History degree due to the lack of night-time sessions for History of Architecture. The ONE semester where they offered it at night, I had to work for a month in Mumbai and dropped the class.

This semester, there are 2 classes I want to take, a 3rd I’m technically not able to take, and all are 2 nights a week for 2 hours each. So bottom line is I’m looking at a Monday to Thursday of class from 6-8pm after working a full day in the office. Not ideal, exactly, and dang it, Wednesdays I won’t get to the comic book store until 8:30ish.

Sometimes, when I get confused or mentally burned out, I think of “Happiness is a Warm Gun”.  I think it’s because of the simplicity to the parts, but how it’s on the whole a complicated piece. Just like life.  So as I reconfigure my class schedule, and type this quickie up, I assure you, I’m humming.

*Disclaimer: mentioning a gun, let alone happiness with one, while it is a sexual metaphor, does not imply a proclivity towards violence or mental unrest. Mentioning or discussing guns is not a cry for help/warning of suicide; with Captain America, Thor, and the Avengers all coming up at the movies, I assure you, there is a LOT to look forward to! Guns, the images of guns, and words that rhyme with gun do not condone or condemn anything Michael Moore does. Guns are also low-fat. Kittens should not use guns, nor should puppies or baby rabbits, unless supervised by another cute animal of the same species. I like the image of a kitten using a shotgun while holding paws with a ferret.

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