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Just go here. And thanks to Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons for tipping me off.




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Well Christopher Nolan has confirmed a nonconfirmation of a noncommitment to a commitment.

Yep, The Dark Knight Rises will not feature the Riddler.

Hugo Strange is an interesting candidate.


Photo from Wikipedia

I think getting into the psyche of Bruce Wayne’s head and the addition of a genius criminal who has worked alongside the Scarecrow allows us to really get into the last layers of the onion. As someone who figures out Batman’s secret identity in the comic, you can have confrontations between all of Bruce’s worlds culminating into the end of this trilogy where Batman/Bruce Wayne establishes the boundaries between his personal, public, and vigilante life and the tragedies he faces when each one overlaps another sector. Kind of puts the question of “why do it” to the test.

That’s my 2 cents. But Killer Moth would be cool too.

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I love the geektyrant. Great site, good Twitter. Or is that Twitterer? Twitterist?

That was the fun part of today’s post. Below is the slight introspection and breakdown/tear apart on the process of owning/selling toys… ready?

I have tons of books, toys, and comics. My action figure inventory went down severely when I sold a bunch to help buy my house, but I still own some cubic footage consuming plastic superheroes. Currently I’m trying to get some stuff flipped on eBay and clear out room in my computer room and attic. Lots of these online microtransactions add up, in some cases I’m making $1-2 per figure, and in some I’m technically selling at a loss i.e. a figure but for $7 last year now sold for $5 (less eBay auction fees).

But is it a loss?

That $7 has gone down to, say, $4.50. So let’s see what I get back in exchange for that action figure:

-eBay seller feedback rating increases +1 (hopefully)
-one less action figure
-one less box (I save boxes… because I sell action figures… which means I have to save boxes…)
-small satisfaction that someone maybe got that one missing figure for their collection

Doesn’t seem terribly motivating. But maybe that’s part of the big picture, having momentum. Taking control and getting rid of something. If you’ve ever watched Hoarders on A&E, you know exactly how important it is to have a sense of control… or how a misguided sense is a destructive thing.

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When you write a poem to a high school girlfriend, you sometimes lift the lyrics of Bret Michaels or 2 Live Crew when you can’t find the right words. So today, I post from Universal Dork because I couldn’t have put it better myself…

PLEASE Reboot The League of Extraordinary Gentleman!! It's funny but sometimes there are certain movies I actually want to be remake or in this case rebooted. The movie at hand here is The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and if you have seen this steaming pile of shit of a movie from 2003 then you know exactly why I am starting the campaign right here at Universal Dork to get this rebooted and done the right way! So it would seem kinda weird huh since the movie was released a mere seven years ago … Read More

via Universal Dork

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Sunday Blues.

Another week of dominating fantasy football, thanks to my stats analysis and matchups.

Another week of work and class coming up.

Another week of too little time to put up new posts.

Hopefully some good stuff coming up this week… stay tuned and peruse the archives here….

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